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Unemployment Fraud in Arizona

Unemployment Fraud in Arizona

Knowingly collecting unemployment benefits gained through false or inaccurate representation of your situation is a type of fraud. In Arizona, Unemployment Insurance Fraud is thoroughly investigated and prosecuted. Laws governing this type of fraud and related sentencing guidelines can be found in the Arizona Revised Statutes ARS 23-785. Violators found guilty of these crimes face serious penalties and lifelong consequences for Unemployment Fraud.

Some allegations within the realm of Unemployment Fraud include:

  • Making false statements on your UI claim or in pursuit of Unemployment Insurance benefits
  • Obtaining benefits or seeking increased benefits through failure to disclose material facts, whether those benefits are for yourself or another party
  • Returning to employment but still collecting UI benefits
  • Working part time but not reporting earnings, thus collecting benefits for which the individual does not qualify
  • Temporary work while collecting unemployment benefits, without reporting earnings during filing of weekly claim
  • Withholding information or providing false information from the unemployment benefits agency

Unemployment Fraud is punishable in Arizona as a class 6 felony. Every false statement that you make, or each claim filed as part of the fraud, is a separate offense. The presumptive sentence for Arizona Unemployment Fraud is one year in prison, with a possible sentence range of six months to one and a half years in prison. You could also be liable for up to $150,000 in fines for each false statement made for Unemployment Fraud.

How Serious Is Unemployment Fraud in Arizona?

All convictions under these laws provide you with a permanent criminal record with your crimes and sentences being public information.

The state usually becomes aware of Unemployment Fraud during quarterly audits designed to flush out these types of crimes. The Arizona Department of Economic Security is the responsible entity determining whether to proceed with a criminal or civil action when Unemployment Fraud has been discovered. If your case goes to criminal courts, you may be imprisoned and can suffer high fines as part of your sentencing. In addition, you will likely have to pay restitution if you have been overpaid benefits that you should not have received.

Aggressive Legal Defense When Accused of Arizona Unemployment Fraud

If you are being investigated for Unemployment Fraud or have been arrested for these crimes, you need aggressive legal representation of a reputable and highly experienced Arizona criminal defense law firm. You need lawyers who are thoroughly familiar with these types of crimes and the laws that govern them. You should never wait to secure your representation, as the earlier your lawyer is working on your case, the better your chances of avoiding a criminal action going forward in the court system.

Whether your case is in the stage of an open investigation, or whether you have been arrested for Unemployment Fraud, contact us for the proactive defense you need. The lawyers at DM Cantor are aggressive and thorough in their defense of clients accused of Arizona Unemployment Fraud.

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