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Federal Bankruptcy Fraud

Federal Bankruptcy Fraud

There are multiple ways that Bankruptcy Fraud may be committed. But this crime often results from an individual intentionally filing fraudulent documents for bankruptcy. The filing of these fraudulent documents serves to enrich the applicant.

Some actions under Bankruptcy Fraud include:

  • Material misstatements
  • Fact omissions
  • Concealment, hiding or misleading of monetary values
  • Fraudulent documentation
  • Filing false tax documents
  • Hiding assets to stop forfeiture
  • Filing multiple times for bankruptcy in more than one state
  • Incomplete asset declarations

Federal Penalties for Bankruptcy Fraud

The Internal Revenue Service usually discovers cases of Bankruptcy Fraud and involves the Department of Justice for prosecution at the federal level. Federal penalties of Bankruptcy Fraud include:

  • Prison, for as many as five years per count
  • Up to $250,000 in fines

You need aggressive legal representation if you are being accused of Bankruptcy Fraud. You should obtain this help and guidance as early in your case as possible to help you strengthen a legal defense, particularly since the lawyers at DM Cantor may be able to prevent charges from being filed or gain filing of lesser charges.

Bankruptcy Fraud is not an unusual crime. Many people don’t realize that they are making some misstatements in their documentation or omitting information. These acts can be deemed fraudulent and can result in charges being filed, just as other bankruptcy fraud may be alleged. Bankruptcy Fraud often leads to penalties of prison sentencing, substantial fines and other damages. As soon as you are aware that you are under suspicion or investigation for Bankruptcy Fraud, you need the proactive legal representation of DM Cantor to help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

Are You Accused of Bankruptcy Fraud in Arizona?

If you have been accused of Bankruptcy Fraud or are undergoing a current investigation, you need the help of the Bankruptcy Fraud attorneys of DM Cantor. The earlier in your case that you secure representation by an aggressive attorney, the better your chances of avoiding the harshest charges in your case.

Whether your case is in an open investigation or you have been arrested for an alleged crime, contact us immediately. The lawyers of DM Cantor are proactive and thorough in their defense of clients accused of White Collar Crimes such as Bankruptcy Fraud.

With the highest possible rating by Martindale Hubbell®, and as an AV ® rated law firm, DM Cantor has the legal skill you need on your side. The firm is also listed in the Criminal Law Section of the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers®. Call David Michael Cantor at 602-307-0808 or Contact Us for a Free Case Consultation.

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